How does display shelves contribute more sales in your retails outlet?

Have you ever considered how supermarkets decide where to place items on the shelves and, more importantly, why they place them where they do? The marketing strategies which you may not be aware of that also have an effect on our buying habits. When you see items on a supermarket shelf, you are actually looking at how the products are placed on the shelves. Therefore, it is important how the products displayed on the shelving and the patterns how it displayed to maximise the sales.

Supermarkets will also want customers to buy more expensive products. If you want to persuade the customer to buy the more expensive brand of lager, how should you arrange the store? You still need to stock the cheaper options, for those that are really are on a budget. But for the customers that can afford it, you want them to choose the premium product. Getting that balance right is not easy taking into account size, height and depth of shelves, to direct customers to the right product, at the right time.

One phrase commonly used is “eye level is buying level”, indicating that products positioned at eye level are likely to sell better. You may find that the more expensive options are at eye level or just below, while the store’s own brands are placed higher or lower on the shelves. When we experience yourself in a supermarket, just keep note of how many times you need to bend down, or stretch, to reach something you need. You might be surprised.

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