Getting Customers to Buy More!In-store promotions are a must.

In-store promotions are a must-have element of a successful brand, “Without them, more chances of the brand to fail”. Avoiding investment in retail promotions, you won’t save money…You will lose shelf placement. Developing winning in-store promotions starts with a good relationship with retail buyers for stores. If you ask them what you can do to support them and their merchandising programs, you’re more likely to get more shoppers near your product.

Create in-store displays that stop the shopper. Focus on making displays big, colorful, and simple, according to the floor plans. Promotional bins can play a big role in attracting shoppers and displays also need to be shoppable. Ensure that the customer can grab multiple products without the display falling apart. If the display is in a high-volume store, make sure it will look OK without being constantly replenished.

Attracting New Customers, the key is how you place the display promotion bins when it comes to getting penetration or gaining new shoppers to buy a product.

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