shopping cart

Plastic cart

Plastic Shopping Cart (CRD-S180)

Polypropylene plastic-basket, food-safe design, 100% recyclable.Available size: 100L, 120L and 180L.Colors can be according to PANTON or RAL color code.

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European style Cart

European Style cart(CRD-A180)

Material Steel with surface treatment zinc epoxy, zinc/chrome plated, Available sizes 60L-270L , OEM/ODM Design carts are welcome with logo printed on handle bar

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American Style cart

American style cart(CRD-M180)

Superior long life, high -gloss galvanized, chromed and with transparent plastic powder coating.Plastic bumper,bady seat and logo plate can be selected.

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Asian style Cart

Asian style cart(CRD-C80)

Material steel with Zinc epoxy, Zinc, chrome, Available from 60L-300L Logo can be printed on the handle bar or baby seat. Anti-bumper plastic installed.

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Canadian style cart

Canadian style cart(CRD-C2)

Superior long life, crack resistant, surface high- gloss galvanized, chromed and with transparent plastic powder coating, available in 75 L size.

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Russian style cart

Russian style cart(CRD-C210)

Material steel with zinc epoxy, zinc, chrome, available from 6- 240 L with elegant base frame without rack. Logo printing on hand bar.

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Australian style Cart

Australian style cart(CRD-AO 210L)

Material steel with high gloss-galvanized/chrome plated available is sizes from 60 its to 240 ltrs. logo can be printed on the hand bar or basket.

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Kids cart

Kids shopping cart ( CRD-E4)

With surface treatment plastic coating with loading capacity on 100 kgs, available is various colors and designs. Logo can be printed on the handle.

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Kids shopping cart

Kids shopping cart 

Material steel with zinc coating and loading capacity of 80 kgs. Colors can be customized as per customers requirements and logo can be also printed.

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Basket type cart

Basket shopping trolley(CRD-J3)

Small multi basket supermarket trolleys can fit two standard hand baskets, zinc plated and size can be customized and logo printed on the handle.

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Warehouse type cart

Logistics cargo trolley(CRD-W5)

Steel roll container with 3 side opening with loading capacity of 500 kgs.Available is various sizes and designs as per customers requirements.

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Flat bed cargo cart

Flat bedded cargo cart(CRD-L7)

Big capacity with high surface coating, Material metal wire and tube with plastic spraying and anti slip rubber inserted with loading capacity 300 kgs.

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