Shopping cart influence customer behaviors in a retail outlet ! does it ?

In a recent study, reports the in-store behavior of customers, observed in two supermarket stores located in a metropolitan area of a capital city. Shopping paths were observed, which enabled the collection of both customer purchases and the locations where the shoppers stopped or parked their carts. The two stores differed with respect to their rather traditional and more modern layouts. This study focuses on the impact of store design on customers’ shopping cart parking behavior. Shoppers navigated more freely and conveniently in the modern store. Essentially, it was found that shopping cart parking behavior mediates the relationship between in-store movement and purchase behavior. In particular, shoppers parking carts during their store visit tended to buy more. This effect was more pronounced in the modern, free-flow store layout. In addition, the study presents the typical patterns of shopping behavior in a different store with different layout patterns. Read more…

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